How to be an Author

This morning,

while sitting on my sofa eating breakfast and drinking tea, I could not brake my thought and stop thinking about how depressing and gloomy can be a write life. Did all the famous writers pass by these phases? Or it is  just because I probably  live in the expectancy that one day, maybe after my death, I will become a well known writer with his millions selling books, and that day seems so unattainable?

So I  googled “be an author”… and this is one of the articles I found:


On Wiky How, you become an author in 4 ways:

1st : develop your writing skills

2nd: write a book

3rd: publish the book

4th: live the life of an author

I summarised here  the main points, but you’ll find more online.  So, for wiki how, being an author is just like being a mechanic, or a chef. You study, find an idea, and start writing, then you send it to an agent, to a publisher, and it’s done :) you sell books, and there you are you can start a second book and you’re an author, Yeahh! 

Nowhere you find warnings about how do you feel when reading your pages you think they are as flat as a surfboard, as a floodplain after a tempest and as faded as the dished I usually cook (I always forget to put salt in it).

And then, how you would like to  to tear up the written pages, but it’s not possible because you’re writing on a computer, so you can’t even let off steam getting revenge on your own words.

A solution? you should probably find a hobby, or a ritual, yes something that helps you evacuate the unappreciated opinion of yourself and give you another kickstart to go on (I still have to find my ritual, I’m working on it). 

Because finally maybe I’m a bad writer, or maybe I’m a bad publisher, or a bad marketing manager! And the last two are easier to work on than being an awful writer.

So,  If I have to add something essential to that “How to become an author” article, for all those people who would like to become a future Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, or a New Yorker Bestseller. Be ready to hate yourself for being stupid, or for not writing as you would like to, find your own ritual, and if you’re a real author, you’ll continue writing, and creating, and working until you get where you want to be.  And this only because finally you’ll realise that you don’t love anything else as you love writing.

So, don’t be gloomy, or accept your obscure phase, and plan something to get out of it and get back to work! 

Happy week end Writers

With Love 


News and Be My Valentine Cards Contest


Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been absent for a while, but I didn’t forget you all, I just had work and daily stuff.

I had started to write a new novel, which I put on stand-by because I had a few troubles in finding all I needed, (some researches problems, nothing serious, I will continue it later) meanwhile I had a new super great idea and with a friend we’ve started to write a Novel together :)

I can’t tell you what’s about, but I can say that it’s FICTION, it will talk about supernatural creatures whose name begin with a “Z”, and it will be trilling! It’s the first time that I’m writing with someone else, and I LOVE IT! Is so exciting, and enriching, TWO heads is Double of ideas, more creativity and faster writing!

Something else I did during the past months is a new website :) With my best friend Fran, we have created The Writers Orchestra website, which is a readers meet writers, writing advice, news, writing forum etc. website. We’ve just started with it, and this week end we have launched our first CONTEST!!! ST. Valentine Contest ;) which I think is really funny, so don’t forget to click the link, have a look and participate! There are nice GIVEAWAYS ;)

So, as you can see, I did things, but I forgot to write articles on the blog, so, I’ll start again now, be prepared to receive more news from Lucy J Hamilton :)

With Love


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Twitter Fiction Festival!

From the Twitter Fiction Festival .com

From the Twitter Fiction Festival .com

Hey Guys,

I know I haven’t written a post since months because I had so many stuff to do ;) I’ve just submitted 2 ideas to become a featured story teller at the Twitter Fiction Festival 2014, and I think it’s so exciting, that I absolutely need to share it! So, if you want to participate, you still have 4 days to find, 1; 2 or more ideas and submit them before Feb 5th!

here you’ll have more informations

Twitter Fiction Festival

Let me know if you’re chosen!




Writer In Progress; Luscious, by Renee Miller


Exciting as Always :)

Originally posted on Darke Conteur:

[A day late, but I was kinda busy yesterday, sorry Renee. ~Darke~]

Another year has come and gone, and I am blessed to have so many wonderful authors give me the chance to show you some of their work. So much talent, so little time! For December’s excerpt instalment, I managed to entice my good friend Renee Miller to give us a peek into LUSCIOUS, the sequel to her book LUCKY.


Aphrodite cringed at the colorful establishment Dionysus selected as his hideaway from Zeus. He always chose the dirtiest, darkest corners possible. Eros strolled in behind her, frowning as he gazed about the large room.

“Makes me think of a barn,” he said. “But it smells worse.”

Dionysus already had the party in full swing. She cursed herself for returning home to retrieve Eros before following. She’d wasted precious time.

“Where is he?” Eros sighed. “Honestly, Dee…

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Summer Flash Fiction Challenge Text

I’ve received this writing on my Facebook Page for the Summer Flash Fiction Challenge of this week, here it is, Thank you Tim :)


Hey mom’s home with the cake, which means everything is almost ready for the party tonight. Grandpa is out front playing solitaire and watching grandma and Suzy riding bikes in the driveway. See today is their 50th wedding anniversary so we’re having a big party with like a hundred people over, and my mom is a wreck. My older brother Anthony is supposed to be helping, but he just got his license and went to the store hours ago. He’s probably flirting with Katy a fifteen year old cashier at the store, he has liked her forever. Grandpa says it reminds him of how he was with grandma. We have a picture on our wall of a young couple holding hands sitting on the steps of a swimming pool, that’s my grandparents when they were Anthony and Katy’s age it’s from their first date. They have been together this whole time, even came to the United States together from Italy during WWII, grandma always tells us about how she misses growing up in the vineyards her parents owned, the best red wine in the world according to grandpa he always laughs and gives grandma a kiss when he says it! Anthony’s finally home and he has a big grin on his face. Mom asks him what he did, because that big grin usually means trouble! He said he invited Katy to the party tonight and she said yes, just like grandpa said she would. Later that night grandpa got down on one knee after dinner and gave grandma a necklace, while family members started chanting speech, speech! My grandpa stood up and simply said love always finds a way, love always finds a way! He looked over at Anthony and Katy and smiled raised his glass and said to them may love bless your lives like it has ours, I pass the torch to you. Then he shouted SALUTE!!!!!